Video of black yellow-eyed cat

Just walking down the street, I saw a beautiful black cat with unique yellow eyes. Definitely worth filming. It was amazing. I love shooting feral cats’ video clips. Every time I walk down the street, I run into several feral cats, either walking or napping on benches. There are always cute cats, and in theContinue reading “Video of black yellow-eyed cat”

Leave water for feral cats

Feral cats need water desperately. You can’t imagine how much feral cats need humans to leave water for them, especially in this hot climate. Cats don’t drink much, but cats and kittens do need to drink sometimes. Where I leave, it’s California-like climate, steamy and hot like the inside of a washing machine. Stray catsContinue reading “Leave water for feral cats”

Cute cat video to watch on youtube

Here’s my Amiga, and she’s restless. She’s jumping and running everywhere, and my house’s a mess. I did clean it up later. I just didn’t have the time to clean or post for a while, running like crazy. Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy watching this cute cat video. It’s on youtube, by the way. ThisContinue reading “Cute cat video to watch on youtube”

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