Why do cats like boxes?

Ever wondered why your cat likes boxes so much? You bring home a box full of cats toys, and your cat abandons the toys for the box. My Princessa had settled into a cardboard box in my laundry room with her four kittens and had refused to leave. Here are five reasons why cats like boxes so much.

This is my house. Stay away, hooman. Or you might lose a finger.

Safety In the wild, cats need a place to hide, like a cave. They must hide from larger predators and from their prey, so it won’t run away. A cardboard box, shoe box, or laundry basket are perrrfect hideouts.

So… the game begins. What we have here is a one-on-one between cat and rodent. Fluffy leaps! Yay! Fluffy goes for the mouse! He goes for it!

Oh, no. Spoiled tuna! He had to lose it at the last second. Booh! Did you see this moron? How can you be so stupid? The mouse wins. Fluffy didn’t score the touchdown!

Really, Fluffy, what happened to you? You used to be better at pawball.

Warmth Cats like boxes because they insulate them. Outside, feral cats may seek shelter from the wind in abandoned cardboard and shoe boxes. And even inside the house, there may be some breeze from a window that doesn’t shut all the way. Cats always know the warmest place in the house on a cold winter day.

If you hang up wet laundry on this big hot thing, hooman, why not White Socks not hang itself to be as dry and warm as the cold laundry?

Curiosity Cats are curious to see what’s inside the box. Cats are famous for their curiosity.

What’s out there? Who’s in that car? Is there food in the car? What kind?

They’re getting out of the car! Where are they going? Why is the hooman carrying a bag full of clothes? Wait! They’re heading to that place with those big, hot machines.

One day, I’m going to go there and see what the hoomans are doing in there.

Scent Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell. They love new scents. Who can resist the wonderful smell of cardboard or better yet, the lovely aroma of the shoe box? And that clean scent of the laundry basket. Cats love the boxes’ smell, so they love the box.

Texture I had a cat who loved to knead the sides of the cats bed. He’d do that for hours, purring. Cats like the cardboard box’s touch, the sensation of kneading, that touch of cardboard against skin. Prrrrr!

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Why do cats linger in doorways/window sills

Does your feline linger in doorways or sits on the window sill, not going in or out, as if he can’t make up his mind? Ever wondered why do cats linger in window sills and doorways?

Both predators and prey by evolution, cats have to think about their next move. That’s why felines linger in the doorway. They need a strategy, like soldiers at war. What’s on the other side of the door? What kind of predators lurk outside the room/house?

Your feline might want to show you who’s the boss Cats aren’t pack animals, like dogs. They don’t think humans are the alphas. That’s not how felines see us humans. You keep telling your cat to make up its mind, in or out. So your cat lets you know she’s not having any of it. Yes! That’s why your cat lingers in the doorway or window sill, because you’re not the boss.

Excuse me. I’m the queen of the Sardines Island, and I’m not used to taking orders, especially not from a lowly species, such as hoomans.

Cats linger in doorways to keep their options open Another reason your feline may linger in the doorway or window sill is because they want the safety and warmth of the house, they want to be near you and their favorite sofa and toys, but they also want the outside with all its fascinating grasshoppers and wonderful scents, all the adventures.

The reason your cat lingers in the doorway is the excellent view Maybe they don’t want the door to shut and obscure the landscape, the feral cat walking in the distance, the fly that circles overhead, the turtle in the rustling grass. Once they go in, the show’s over. Like teens who won’t leave the cinema auditorium. It’s not over until the fat cat mews.

Cats linger in doorways to guard their territory Could be the reason why your feline hesitates in the doorway on window sill is so no other cat or creature will get inside his house, his territory. My cats do that to each other, block the other cat’s way, and then there’s a hissing contest. A cat is more likely to linger in the doorway or window sill if there are other cats around who threaten its precious territory.

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Why does your cat stare at you when you sleep

You must’ve found your cat staring at you when you sleep. Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night and saw your feline observing you closely. Ever wondered why your cat survey you while you nap?

They miss you When you sleep, you can’t play with, talk to, or pet your cat. You cat might want you to wake up and pay attention to them. They feel lonely without you. That’s why your cat watches you while you sleep. Either they wait for you to wake up, or they contemplate a way to wake you up.

You feline feels safer approaching you while you sleep Cats are intimidated by humans’ loud voices and the other noises we cause, like music from youtube, the TV, or the vacuum cleaner. Cats are also nervous when humans run to grab their house keys on their way out the door to work or move furniture out of the way in order to mop the floor. When you sleep, you lie still and quiet, and that’s why your feline can sit and gaze at you in your sleep, knowing you won’t be running around and making noise anytime soon.

They want to protect you In the wild, you’re vulnerable while you sleep, easy prey to larger predators. Could be your feline watches you in your sleep to make sure you don’t get hurt. Who knows what kind of creature is lying in wait for you in the bushes?

You’re calm in your sleep Cats are creatures who know how to relax easily and completely, which is why it’s so easy for them to fall asleep. They like the calm feeling. Watching you breathe slowly and deeply, your chest going up and down rhythmically is soothing, and cats like it, just like they like sitting in front of your computer and listening to the soft little sounds the computer makes, the lullaby.

They want to steal your blanket or pillow The pillow is so soft, and the blanket is so warm on an icy winter night. Maybe that’s why your cat stares at you in your sleep, making up plans in their predatory, clever mind, how to rob their human of their blanket and pillow and claim it as their own.

To keep your cat out of your bed, get them a window perch so they can rest and look out the window, fascinated by grasshoppers and owls. This cat’s bed requires your cat to jump on and off it, which is good exercise for house cats and something cats love to do. Click here to learn more.

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The best cats beds ever

Sleeping with your cat isn’t an option for many cats’ owners. Your furry friend may wake up in the middle of the night feeling lonely and demand your attention. Cats wake you up during the night, and mine had once pulled the warm blanket off me in the middle of a cold winter night. Keeping your cat out of your bed is a good idea.

Cats spend much of their time sleeping, and they love having their own space, love feeling comfortable, warm, and safe. Getting your feline a cats bed will keep them out of your bed and will be an excellent gift for your cat.

Here’s a list of the best cats beds ever, Sold on Amazon.

Donut-shaped cats bed

This cats bed is large and will fit dogs and cats up to 21lbs. Soft, warm, and comfortable, good for old cats suffering with arthritis who can’t find a comfortable space in harder beds. Will keep the fluffball purring like crazy, stretching and kneading. Because cats love softness, and there’s plenty of room to stretch.

It’s also a unique and beautiful cats bed that comes in three colors; beige, navy gray, and pink. Can you imagine what a black cat will look like in a pink cats bed? You might want to take a picture.

  • Advantages
  • Lightweight and easy to carry if you travel
  • Easy to clean. Can be put in washing machine and dryer
  • Colors that will brighten up your house
  • Will improve your furry friend’s sleep

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Thermo-heated cats bed

This electric cats bed is what cats crave on cold winter nights. Cold and rain makes cats sleepy, and once they relax, they doze off. There’s nothing more soothing for a cat than warmth and softness during a cold, rainy night.

  • Advantages
  • Soft foam walls that cats love
  • Cats bed automatically responds to temperature changes, but only when your feline in is the bed. A smart cats bed.
  • Removable for easy wash
  • Low wattage, 4 watts.

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Hilarious cats beds

Do you want to show your cat to friends and family in this cute, hilarious cats bed that looks like toast?

But it won’t have the full effect unless you cover your feline with this blanket.

The bed is made of soft, short, plush material and elastic sponge core. Can also serve as floor cushion for humans during a slumber party at your house.

The blanket is ultra soft and fuzzy. Can prevent cats hair on your sofa and bed.

Click here to learn more about the hilarious cats bed. Click here to read more details about the funny blanket.

Closed cats beds

Cats are solitary creatures, secretive by nature. Many cats prefer closed cats beds because they make them feel safe from imaginable predators. And sometimes they need alone time and privacy.

  • Advantages
  • Self-warming fabric, soft and cozy.
  • Removable and washable cushion.
  • Easy to travel. Bottom surface designed no to slide.

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Cave-shaped cats bed

Some cats like longer closed beds that remind them of ancient times, where wildcats slept in caves, safe from larger predators. These kind of beds isolate them from any draft in the house on cold winter days.

  • Advantages
  • Gives your feline more privacy
  • Gives your feline more stretching space
  • Serves as cats bed, cats house, and scratcher.
  • A beautiful decoration to your house

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What do cats dream about

Do cats dream? Yes. You see their fur rippling in their sleep, their paws twitching. Sometimes they make sucking noises while sleeping. Sometimes they whimper. All these are an indication that cats do dream.

What do cats dream about? Like humans, cats dream about what had happened during the day and what’s on their mind. Cats can dream about their goal in life, like catching the elusive red dot or the mouse of their dreams, a huge, juicy, crispy mouse. They can dream about the hiding, waiting for prey, the hunt. The wild instincts of their ancestors can influence their dreams.

Can cats have nightmares? Of course. If you cat cries in his sleep, he’s having a disturbing feline dream. Maybe he’s chased by dogs in his sleep, or maybe the mouse he was chasing suddenly turned huge and turned on him. (The dreams of a guilty conscious?) Or maybe the neighborhood cat that he’d been fighting with had decided to teach him a lesson. Maybe the parrots in the cage had gotten out and had gotten poor Fluffy.

Once, the cat I used to have was crying in his sleep, and I called his name to stop the nightmare, but he didn’t wake up, so I shook him gently. He leapt at my hand, and I snatched it away at the last minute before his teeth clicked. He must’ve been dreaming of some kind of enemy, something threatening. He was having a feline nightmare.

Felines dreams are different than humans dreams. Cats dream without words, because they don’t use them or know their meaning. Their dreams may have talking humans, but our words are meaningless sounds in their dreams, and in reality. Unless there’s a word or two your cat can understand.

Cats have a sharp sense of smell, and different odors are important to them. You can tell by the way they sniff everything. Their dreams are probably full of scents.

Do cats know it’s a dream? Humans sometimes know it’s a dream when they’re having one, but cats are more childish than a grown human. Remember when you were a little kid, and you were dreaming? Like small children, cats usually aren’t aware of the fact that they’re dreaming. Until they wake up. Then they know it was a dream, because they’d have dreams before. Their dreams are probably more vivid than ours.

We can’t really know for sure what cats dream about because they won’t tell us. But to make an educated guess, felines dream about things that are important to them. Cats can dream about pleasant things like being cuddled and petted, their precious territory being invaded, or playing with their toys. Or maybe they dream about cats’ land. This is what it might look like.

Who do cats dream about? Like humans, cats dream about creatures they know, usually in familiar surroundings. A house cat who’s not allowed outside will probably dream about his house, his favorite spot. A cat will dream about his beloved human servant, his human family, the dog next door that doesn’t stop barking.

What do house cats dream of? Like humans, cats don’t always dream about places and creatures they know, although that is often the case. Sometimes felines may dream about places they’d never been and creatures they’d never seen. A house cat who never gets out doesn’t know what the outside looks like. He’ll dream about the outside the way he imagines it to be.

What do dominant cats dream about? The feline personality might have something to do with what your feline dreams about. My toughest cat was the one who had nightmares, maybe because his mind was filled with violence like a horror movie. What your cat thinks about during the day is what your cat dreams about during the night, and what someone thinks about has a lot to do with his personality. A cuddly cat might dream about being on your lap. A tough, gangster-type cat might think about dominating the planet.

And, in their dreams, all cats can be super heroes.

Conclusion: Cats can dream, and they do. You can probably tell if your cat is having a good dream or a bad one by their body language. If you’re going to wake Fluffy up from a nightmare, do it carefully. Approach with caution.

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How long do cats live

There are many factors that influence a cat’s lifespan. The average cat lives to be 15. However, there are many genetic and environmental facts that determine how long a cat will live.

Feral cats live less than indoor cats How long feral cats live depends on whether or not they live near the highway, whether or not there are coyotes in the neighborhood, and if there’s a steady supply of food.

How long do feral cats live? Cats rely on their hearing when they cross the road, and an old cat’s hearing isn’t the same as a young feline’s. An older cat is slower and therefore has less chance to escape a coyote, or fight younger, tough feral cats for his food. Also, an older cat’s immune system isn’t the same as a young cat’s, and when they live on the streets, no one will take the cat to a vet. So it’s hard to determine how long do feral cats live, seeing that it’s based on quite a few environmental factors.

How long do store-bought cats live Inbred cats tend to have shorter lifespans because of genetic diseases. Persians are notorious for the polycystic kidney disease. But Persians aren’t the only breed with genetic problems.

Diet and medical care How long does a cat live depends on diet and having a good vet. These are things that depend on the cat’s owner. Cats need to exercise, eat healthy food, control their weight, and go to the best vet you can find.

How long will cats live in the future Cats’ life expectancy will probably rise in the future, as human lifespan will increase. Many of futuristic medicine that can make us live longer can probably be used on cats, but if lifespan rises, say, 20%, that would equal a fifth of 80 years, which is 16 years. But for cats that would be 3 years.

Longevity is genetic Among other things, genetics can determine how long a cat will live. If both the cat’s parents had lived to the ripe old age of 23, the cat is more likely to live longer than average, too.

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Cats quiz

Don’t you just love quizzes? There’s nothing better than a cats quiz. You just can’t have enough cats quizzes the same way you can’t be too thin or have too much money. This cats quiz will help you determine if you’re a crazy cats person (like the admin) or not. Are you ready for a fun cats quiz?

  • At the Buckingham palace, you
  • Take a picture of the queen
  • Take a picture of the people taking pictures of the queen
  • Take a picture of yourself taking pictures of the people taking pictures of the queen
  • Take a picture of the orange cat grooming itself outside the palace
  • You sleep
  • Through an earthquake
  • With the hitchhiker you picked up who wants to blow up the Sierra mountain and dig the gold underneath
  • With a teddy bear
  • With a cat curled up on your chest
  • You eat
  • Your heart out
  • Doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • This computer screen
  • Tuna and sardines, so you can share them with Fluffy.
  • Your first thought when waking up in the morning
  • Where’s the two and a half liter of coffee that I need before open my eyes?
  • Where’s my beer?
  • Where’s the monster under my bed?
  • Where’s Fluffy?
  • You’re the only survivor of a plane crash in the Amazons, and you wonder
  • How to write SOS on the sand with burning branches when you have no matches
  • Where are the Amazons hot gals/guys
  • Does this mean I’ll miss my favorite TV shows
  • Are there feral cats in the Amazon?
  • And then you’re approached by a huge tiger, and you
  • Scream like a banshee
  • Yawn, turn around, and go back to sleep.
  • See the half full cup: you’ll never grow old and cranky.
  • Dangle a shoestring in front of the large pussycat
  • Lost on an alien planet, you stare at the approaching aliens and think
  • I hope they’re not man-eating creatures with superpowers
  • Should I kick one of them in the butt just to see what will happen?
  • Why do they all look like my mother in law?
  • Are these whiskers?
  • When the meteor will hit earth, you’ll scream
  • Where the hell are the underground bunkers?
  • Where the hell’s the booze?
  • Ain’t running, ain’t scared of no meteor. Gonna show this meteor who’s the MAAAAAN!
  • Fluffy!!!!!

If you answers the first four questions of this cats quiz with number four, you’re a cats lover. If you answered the other half of the cats quiz using the forth option, you’re as crazy as the admin.

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Why do cats get hit by cars

It seems strange that cats get hit by cars. They’re intelligent, fast, and have sharp instincts. So why do cats get hit by cars? Where I live, there are so many feral cats, and every once in a while, there’s a dead feline body on the road. Why do cats get hit by cars so often?

Cats don’t teach their kittens to cross the road safely Mother cats may teach their young to hunt, but they neglect the road safety tips. Kittens see their mother hissing when encountering a dog or showing caution when approached by an unknown human, but they don’t see their mother looking right and left before crossing the road.

No evolutionary need One of the reasons cats get hit by cars, although feral cats avoid being hurt by dogs and human with bad intentions, is that in the wild, cats had to be wary of larger predators, but they had no need to fear cars. The fear of larger predators is embed in felines. It’s in their blood, their nature. But they don’t know what a road is, what cars are, so they lack the instinct to avoid the road. They don’t realize cars can turn into death traps. For them, a car is something warm to nap on in cold winter days.

Cats get scared easily When felines hear a loud noise, or when they’re being approached by a dog or a human stranger, they bolt. And they can bolt right into traffic.

The good news are that cats can hear approaching cars, and being scared of noise, they usually rush to the sidewalk. However, a car that drives slowly doesn’t make that much noise, and the sound can be muffled by other noises of a busy street. This is why cats get hit by cars despite their excellent hearing.

Age Senior cats’ hearing my not be as good as a younger cat’s, and their instincts not as sharp. This is why senior cats can get hit by cars.

Habit Cats are afraid of noise, so they often hang around in yards or quiet side streets, whose roads don’t have too many cars, and the speed limit is slow. But feral cats or house cats who live near the highway or busy streets get used to the constant noise. They’re not as afraid of the sound of wheels on asphalt. It becomes something in the background.

Hard to see One of the reasons cats get hit by cars is because they’re small, and the drivers don’t always see them.

Feline speed The cat’s legendary quickness, an evolutionary trait that had kept the species alive in the wild, can turn into a death sentence in urban settings. The cat leaps into the road unexpectedly, with the speed of a tornado, and the human driver, who doesn’t possess the feline speed and sharp instincts, doesn’t have time to pull on the brakes.

If you live in a home and have your own yard, putting up a cat’s proof fence will keep your furry friend entertained and free while safe from cars.

If you can’t keep your cat indoors, a glowing collar will make them more visible to drivers at night. If your feline is the kind of cat that wouldn’t take it off. Rechargeable, no batteries needed. You can make it glow steadily, flash quickly, or turn off by using a button. Adjustable for pet’s size. Can be used on small dogs. Color of choice; red, green, and blue. Will make your cat look gorgeous and colorful with a color that matches their eyes. Click to learn more

Why do cats hate water

It’s no secret that cats don’t like water. Trying to give a bath to a cat can result in your domestic feline turning into a man-eating tiger. Although big cats such as tigers love cooling in the river, and there are some cats breeds, such as the Turkish Van, who actually enjoy water. However, feral cats and most domestic cats hate water. Why do cats hate water?

Cats have no evolutionary need for water Unlike tigers, who live in hot tropical climates abundant with rivers, cats have originated from desert-like climates, so they didn’t inherit their big relatives instinct of using water to cool off. Cats never needed to like water in order to keep from dying of heatstroke.

Cats want to keep their fur clean Your feline doesn’t know the water you’re planning to bath them with is clean. For all they know, it’s river water, used by other jungle animals to bath. According to feline logic, the nasty water will mess up their precious fur. So if you’re planning on giving Fluffy a bath, you might as well write a will.

Wet fur equals heavy fur Another reason why cats hate water is because it makes their fur heavy, weighing them down. Cats’ fur covers their whole body, so it’ll be like wearing wet, heavy clothes that covers you from head to toe. No wonder felines don’t like water. Who would want to be in that situation?

Cats don’t like the sensation of water touching their body Cats don’t like water because they’re very sensitive to touch. For all we know, to them it feels like being splashed with thick, oily liquid.

This cats door will let your kitty in and out of the house when you’re not there. Easy to install in windows and doors, waterproof and weather resistant, with stripes that muffle noise of the door closing, so Fluffball can slip in and out quietly. Click to learn more.

Where did cats come from

Ever wondered where felines came from? These magical creatures with eyes that pierce the night like two yellow pinpoints of light, little predators that slither softly on padded paws. What kind of place could be their starting point? A fairy tale place, like catland?

Cats ancestry Cats have an ancestor in the felis silvestris, a wildcat that used to live in the middle east’s deserts. So cats are desert animals who can live in the hot summers and frozen winter nights. They are definitely survivors.

Where did cats come from to the US Wherever you are, chances are there are cats around. Cats were brought over long ago to control the rats and mice population. This is how cats got to America by European settlers.

Back when the world was younger, and many people were farmers, cats were needed to protect food supply from being eaten by mice and rats. This is how felines originated from one country to another by settlers. The feline predatory traits were much needed at the time.

Most of those cats were barn cats

Where did cats come from to Europe Cats were brought to Europe by Greek merchants, so this is where felines come from to Europe, and the brought to the US.

Where did cats come from to Greece The felines were exchanged by ancient Egyptians traders, and some had resided in Greece, bringing their sacred cats with them.

As you can see, cats had traveled all over the world, mostly by ship. They quite the little travelers, these mewing little creatures.

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