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What kind of beds do cats like best

what beds do cats prefer? Do cats like open or closed beds? When you want to spoil your cat and enrich its life, you want to know what kind of beds do cats like best, but the answer depends on your cat’s personality.

Cats sleep for long periods of time, and their beds are very important to them. A cat who’s comfortable when sleeping is more likely to have pleasant dreams. Cats love relaxing before sleeping, and they love a cozy environment to doze in. Let you cat be whatever it wants to be in its dreams.

There are several things to take into consideration before you buy a cats’ bed.

  • Cats like soft beds
  • Cats like privacy
  • Cats like to stretch
  • Cats like warm beds in winter
  • Cats like to play
  • Cats like sleeping in higher places
  • Some cats are afraid of closed places

Cats like soft beds because it reminds them of their mother’s fur, and it gives them the opportunity to knead, which sends them purring their heads off.

Cats like privacy because they’re solitary creatures. Of course, cats like to be warm. Mine always go to the cats’ beds in winter.

Most cats beds are soft and have raised edges for privacy. Here’s one that’s also heated for cold winter nights, a warm and cozy haven for your feline to escape to at the end of a long hard working day of chasing mice. Click to view.

Do cats prefer open or closed beds? A cat who suffers from claustrophobia won’t be able to relax in a closed bed. The bed above is perfect for cats who are afraid of closed places. This is a bed they can get out of if the cats- eating monster who lives in the closet manages to get out somehow. The bed can be placed on higher ground like on top of the laundry machine, a desk, or a sofa. Just make sure it’s secure and won’t fall.

For cats who like more privacy and aren’t afraid of closed places, there are closed beds like this waterproof outdoor heated cats bed, where you have a choice of tan or gray. Click to view and learn more.

In this bed, your kitty can have privacy to dream about all the strange places it wants to be in, mysterious places with wonderful smells.

What about stretching? Cats love to stretch. Feral cats often choose benches to lie on so they can stretch and look twice their size.

This long pad will allow your cat to stretch, with insulating fiber that reflects body heat to keep your cat warm. Comes in a variety of colors. Click to view.

A little playtime before bedtime? This cats bed will give your feline a chance to swat the hanging toy until it tires and falls asleep. Click on the image to learn more. 



How much outside time does a cat need

How much outdoor time does a cat need?

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How long should a cat be outside for? That depends on the cat. Letting a cat out is dangerous, but if you have a cat-proof fenced-in yard, you can let your cat roam for as long as it wants in a warm weather.

Every cat is different. An adventorous, playful cat will need more outdoor time than a couch potato.

Kittens, being hyper by nature, need more outdoor time.

Feral cats who are used to living outside will need more outdoor time than house cats.

Cats who live in a tiny apartment will need more outdoor time than cats who live in a large house, especially if there are other pets to keep them company, and they get along with and like the other pets.

Cats who are left alone for most of the day may need more time outdoors than cats who are surrounded by their human family most of the time.

I once had a cat who spent all her time outside, slept outside, and only came in for meals. The cats I have now spend most of their time indoors. Every cat varies in the amount of time they want outside. For most cats, an hour or two outside every day is enough.

Filling the house with vegetation in vases, realistic cats toys that act like real prey, cats beds, and cats window seats near large windows may limit the amount of time your cat wants to spend outside.

This cozy window seat will keep a house cat entertained, providing an exciting scenary of trees, running grasshoppers, birds, and squirrels. The cat’s equivalent of a cinema and enjoying the sunshine.

What kind of toys do cats like?

Most of us work out of the house and leave our cats alone at home. Cats need stimulation and exercise. Many cats owners want to know what type of toys do cats and kittens like to play with, what kind of toys do senior and Persian cats like, and what kind of toys do cats need to get the exercise required to keep from obesity and maintain a healthy life style.

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What kind of toys do cats love the best?

What kind of toys do cats like the most? Here’s the list.

Cats love the smell of catnip. Catnip affects cats in many ways.

Toys that run bring out the hunter in your cat, applying to its evolutionary instincts. Especially toys that mimic prey movements. Cats also like toys that squeake, imitating the sound of prey.

What kind of toys do kittens like?

Besides the toys that grown cats like, kittens may like soft, purring toys they can cuddle with, because it reminds them of their mother’s fur.

Kittens also like small items that fit into their mouth. They love carrying things around.

And there are teething toys.

Kittens love to play even more than grown cats, and they’re often hyper. A moving toy will get them into a frenzy.

What kind of toys do cats need?

Cats need running toys they can chase to keep active, and scratching posts that’ll protect your sofa and other furniture.

What kind of toys do senior cats and Persian cats like?

Persian cats and senior cats like to take it easy. Each Persian and senior cat has a different personalit, so the question is: how laid back is your Persian/senior cat?

If it’s so relaxed, in the case of a Persian, or so tired, in the case of a senior cat, that they won’t run and pounce no matter what, then maybe they need a soft toy to cuddle with, or a tunnel bed to hide in.

But if your Persian/senior cat is willing to play a bit, but it’s hard to get it to play, perhaps it needs an automatic toy that runs, because it’s difficult to get it to pounce.

What kind of toys do bengal and Siamese cats like?

Bengal and Siamese cats are energetic and playful, so a toy that can be moved when pawed or an automatic toy that runs on its own will get them running and pouncing, happy and excited in no time.

Also, bengal and Siamese cats are affectionate, especially Siamese, so a toy held by their favorite human for them to paw is great because it gives them the opportunity to bond with their owners, play together.

These 3 mice are filled with catnip that’ll put your furry little friend in feline heaven. The right size to be carried in a cat’s mouse. Soft with dangling tail, like real prey. The perfect present for your cat.

How far do domestic cats travel

How far do house cats travel? And how far do domestic cats travel at night? Is there a difference between a house cat and an outdoor cat roaming range?

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Domestic cat’s roaming range

Domestic cat’s range differs from one cat to another. House cats usually stay within sight distance of their home, feeing safer in their familiar territory.

Cats don’t get bored as fast as humans do. They don’t want to explore other countries or dream about going to other planets. They’re usually quite happy in their yard, especially if it’s the kind of yard that cats love, with plenty of prey, bushes to hide in, and trees to climb.

How far will a cat roam from home? That depends on their personality. And the average male cat’s roaming range is larger than a femal cat’s roaming range.

I had a cat whom I’ve found three buildings away once, and a cat who liked to wander into the yard on the left and the one on the right, plus my yard, so her roaming range was three yards, not bad for a cat.

The cats I have now spend most of their time in my yard, and it’s not a large one. I often see them inches away from the building. Some cats are more adventurous than others.

Outdoor cats roaming range

Feral cats travel farther than housecats because they have to search for food, and because house cats can’t resist their favorite spot on the sofa, their cats beds, the warm and dry house, their toys, and their favorite humans.

If cats have litter inside their home, this reduces their need to go outside.

I had a cat who loved to roam outside for hours when I wasn’t home, but when I was home, he hardly left the house. He was very attached to me.

Cats who haven’t been neutered will travel much farther when in heat. Young cats will travel farther than older cats because they have more energy.

Feral kittens will travel a whole lot farther when they near sexual maturity so they won’t have kittens wither their siblings or mother, which will result in weak and sickly kittens with less chance of survival. Feral kittens who are neutered may stay in the same yard with their mother and siblings, especially if there’s plenty of food.

How far do cats roam at night?

Cats roam more at night, and usually farther than during the day. They’re night creatures. Night time is when mice and cocroaches come out, a nice time for hunting. It can lure a cat to leave the yard if there’s prey outside. On the other hand, if there’s plenty of prey in the yard, the cat won’t feel the need to leave.

This glowing red collar will scream your cat’s presence to cars. You can control the lights from steady glow, quick flash, or flash off with a push of a button. There are also green, blue, red, and orange collars. A pink color will look great on a gray cat, and a green one will compliment a green-eyed feline, helping your cat in its modeling career.

Should domestic cats be allowed outside

Should house cats be let outside? Should you let your cat roam outside?

Many times, domestic cats want to go outside, but should house cats go outside?

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Why should domestic cats be kept indoors?

There are dangers to cats outside. Cats can be hit by cars, stolen, lost, attacked by dogs or coyotes, or fight with other cats. Or they can pick up diseases from other cats, maybe even eat rat poison.

My Amiga got hit by a car years ago. Luckily, she only broke her upper and lower jaws, and the vet operated on her, and now she’s fine.

Sometimes you may have to let a house cat outside

Should house cats be let outdoors? Usually no, but that depends on the circumstances. I had a cat who got depressed because I wouldn’t let him out. He lost interest in everything, including food. I had no choice but to let him out.

I now have three feral cats who get hysterical if I don’t let them out. My Princessa scratches the window like crazy and mews non-stop. Some cats just can’t be kept indoors. Some will get used to it, and some won’t.

Some feral cats can get used to never leaving the house. Every cat has a different personality.

Do cats prefer to live outside or inside?

Most cats prefer to live inside, preferably with the ability to go outside. A cat-proof fenced-in yard is the perfect solution for a cat who wants to enjoy the comfort of home and the excitement and action outside.

Cats like homes because it provides food, water, a dry spot when it rains, shelter from strong winds, warmth on freezing winter days, safety, love, and a soft, comfortable sofa or cats bed to doze on. What more can a cat want?

But then some cats are just no home types. Chocolate Paws, a feral cat, used to show up at my house, eat, and run back outside. There was another cat, a one eyed orange one, who’d show up, eat, and leave. He’d just stay on the sofa if it was raining hard.

But my Amiga and Princessa had shown up for food and stayed. They stay every day, most of the day. They go outside, but they spend most of their time home. They love my sofa.

Can domestic cats sleep outside?

Unless you have a fenced-in yard, and you’re sure your cat can’t get out, it’s not a good idea. Foxes are more active at night, and they’re the same size as cats. Although foxes usually don’t start fights with cats, sometimes they do. And even if not, your cat may attack the fox to defend his territory.

drivers don’t see cats at night. Which is why they need a bright glowing collar to help the drivers see them. But even so, cats are still in danger of being hit by cars outside, especially at night.

What age can cats be let outside?

Every kitten is different. If you have to let your kitten outside unsupervised, wait at least until it’s 3 or 4 months old, and has gotten its vaccinations. Also, the vaccinations need time to become affective.

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Why do cats like fresh laundry

Why do cats like to lay on clean laundry? Why do cats love laundry baskets? And why do cats like laying on your clothes?

Is your cat in your landry basket again? Shedding cats hair on your clean clothes? Don’t worry. It just adds color and texture to a shirt. Wear it with pride. Here are 5 reasons why does your cat sleep and sit on your laundry.

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Marking their territory

Cats like to mark your clothes as their own by laying on them and leaving their scent, claiming them as their own. That’s why cats like laying on your clothes.


Your clothes just came out of the dryer on a cold and rainy/snowy day, and Fluffy happily leaps on top of it. Prrr. such bliss. That’s why cats love heated cats beds.


Cats like soft things that remind them of their mother’s velvety fur. Some clothes are softer than others, which makes your feline friend even happier.

Cats like pillows and soft toys, as well.

Your scent

Your cat loves you, and it loves your scent, which your clothes absorb. It also knows these are your clothes, they’re something that belongs to you, and it wants to feel close to you by laying on your bed, your clothes, etc.


A cat can get under the clothes in the laundry basket, or in a pile on your bed, dresser, whatever. Cats like a cave-like place that give them a feeling of privacy and safety. It’s also dark under all these clothes and easy to nap.

Why does my cat like the laundry basket?

Same reasons why cats like boxes.

Why does my cat like to sleep on my dirty laundry?

Because your laundry smells like you. It carries the scent of the beloved human. That’sgood enough reason.

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Human? I’m cold. Where’s my warm cats bed?

What surfaces do cats not like to walk on

There are surfaces cats don’t like to walk on, for different reasons. If you don’t want your cat to go in the kitchen, for instance, you can put material cats won’t walk on to keep them out. Or if you want them out of your bedroom when you sleep.

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What material do cats not like to walk on?

What won’t cats walk on? Let’s break it down to sound, texture, and smell.


Aluminum foil makes too much noise for the cat’s sensitive ears, and cats are famous for their noise phobia. Cats hate walking on aluminum foil and may run when they see it.


Cats hate walking on sticky paper or anything else that’s sticky for obvious reasons. Plastic and aluminum are annoying for their paws. Cats don’t wear shoes, and their bare paws are sensitive.

Cats also hate walking on any material that can be painful, like wood with splinters.

Ice is another thing cats hate walking on. It’s too cold on their bare paws. It hurts.


What do cats hate walking on? Anything smelly! Cats hate citrus smell, as much as we humans love it. Cats also avoid surfaces that smell like hot pepper, banana, tobacco, dirty litter box, vinegar, lavender, and citronella.

Another things cats hate walking on is plastic, because it make them slide.

Fear of new things

Some cats hate walking on new material. My Amiga refused to walk on a blanket that I put on the floor. She stared at it suspiciously and then ran around it.

If you replace the floor in your house, or if you move to a new house with a different kind of floor, like linoleum instead of wood, your cat may have a problem with that.

To solve this problem, you can place your cat’s favorite toy or cat treat a few inches away from your cat, and then, after the cat have walked this short distance and ate the treat or played with the toy, put another treat just a bit farther, and then a bit more…

What surfaces do cats not like to sleep on?

Pretty much the same as the material cats don’t like to walk on. Cats won’t like sleeping on a surface that smells, makes a noise, or is sticky or pricks its skin.

Cats also don’t like sleeping on a cold surface, or in a place that’s cold or exposed to rain or wind.

This heated cats’ cave bed provides gentle warmth, comfort, and a sense of privacy and safety. In cheery red color to brighten up any room. There’s also one in gray. Click on the image, or the button below.

Human, when do I get a read bed?

Six reasons why mama cats move their kittens

Sometimes you see feral kittens in different locations. Especially you see this in a place where there are many feral cats, like where I live, and especially during kitten season, which around here is in fall and spring, fall especially. But then it may be different in other climates. Here are six reasons why some mother cats move their kittens around.

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A mother cat may sense the place she’d put her kittens is dangerous. Maybe she had to defend her kittens against a dog or a fox. Or maybe she just senses them around, their smell and sounds. That’s why mother cats move their babies around.

Cold or heat

If the kittens’ place is too hot, mother cat may take her kittens to a cooler place, like in the shadow of a bush. And if it’s too cold, mother cat will take her babies to a place that’s protected from the wind.


Cats are clean animals, and mother cat will move her kittens around if the place she’d put them in is dirty.

Noise and lack of privacy

When kids show too much interst in the new kittens, or there’s too much noise from cars horns or loud music, or if too many people walk by, mother cat will move her kittens somewhere quieter and more secluded. Cats are afraid of noise, and they’re solitary animals.

A better offer somewher else

If mother cat finds a better place for her kittens, a safer, warmer, and more comfortable place, she’ll remove them there. My Princessa, a feral cat, had brought her four kittens to my house and had settled in the laundry room in a cardboard box with them.

If mother cat finds a heated cats house in winter, she’s very likely to move her kittens inside.

Closer to food

If a feral mother cat finds a food source somewhere far from her kittens, like in garbage cans or being fed by a nice cats feeder, she’ll want her kittens not too far away. That’s why some stray cats move their kittens around, so they can keep an eye on their kittens while they eat, or at least not be too far from them.

Where do stray mother cats move their kittens?

Mother cats will move their kittens to a safe hiding place. Under bushes is a good place. I knew a cat who lived under a curling bush in the yard adjoining to mine. Cats like hiding their kittens for safety reasons.

Cats will move their kittens to a warm, safe, and comfortable place, or what they consider safe and comfortable. I knew a cat who hid her kittens in the electricity closet in my building, right outside my apartment’s door. Untill she moved them away.

A favorite person’s house will do. If you feed a mother cat, and she trusts you, she may take her kittens to your house, especially if you live on the first floor, and it’s easy to access your window.

A cats’ house will do, espeically a heated cats’ house.

Someplace soft for the kittens to sleep on, like a pile of clothes or a mattress that someone had thrown out.

How far do mother cats move their kittens?

Probably not far. Cats don’t like to stray far from their territory, and a mother cat won’t risk putting her kittens in an unfamiliar place. A stray mother cat may move her kittens to other places in the yard, maybe the adjoining yard. Usually not farther than that.

How often do mother cats move their kittens?

Pretty often. I’ve seen this happen more than once. Stray cats live in pretty unsafe conditions, and the chances of a run in with a fox, coyote, or a dog are high. Also, in urban areas, curious kids hanging around newborn kittens is not unusual. And mother cats are very protective of their kittens.

Do mother cats leave their newborn kittens alone?

They have to if they want to survive. Feral cats have to go get their food and water, or they’ll die, and then there will be no one to care for the kittens.

Mother cats try not to leave their kittens alone too much. When my Princessa was living on the streets and showing up for mealtimes, she had her babies and didn’t show up for weeks. She didn’t want to leave them. They were probably what she considered too far from my apartment, and therefore too far from her to go to. That’s before she became a permanent resident in my house.

Why does mom cat move one kitten?

If one kitten is sick, mother cat doesn’t want it to infect the others.

Or maybe, if the hiding place is very small, or if mother cat has many kittens, there’s not enough space for all of them as they start growning bigger in size.

Or maybe one of the kittens seems smaller and more vulnerable than the other kittens, so the mother cat takes it to a safer place.

Why does my cat keep moving her kittens?

Why does your house cat keep moving her kittens? There are no predators or dangers in your house, but there are imagined ones. Maybe your dog insists on sniffing the kitttens, while getting too close for the mother cat’s taste, or maybe there’s too much noise in the room where you cat have placed her kittens.

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Cute feral cat with huge eyes

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It’s not easy to shoot a video of feral cats, but I was walking back from my brother’s apartment, which is maybe five minutes walk from my building, and there was this cat with extremely expressive eyes, and two cute kittens up on the windowsills, and I had to try.

Unfortunaly, some people consider feral cats pests. I used to feed feral cats as a child in my parents’ yard surrounding their building, and one or two neighbors gave me a real hard time about it, even took the bowl away once.

Would you take a feral cat home if you found one, or have you already? As mentioned before, I have 3, so I couldn’t take this one, too.

Feral cats are… Have an idea how to finish this sentence?

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Look what the human just dragged in! Looks like a cozy little nest.

What do dogs dream about?

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Do dogs really have dreams?

If you ever watched your dog whine or twitch in its sleep, you know canines dream.

Why do dogs dream a lot?

Like humans, dog often dream about things that have happened during the day. Being emotional creatures, they have a lot of important stuff to dream about. Dogs have this ability for happiness and excetiment. They bark happily and run toward the door when their owner take them for a walk, as excited as humans walking on another planet for the first time. They almost knock you over with enthusiasm when you come home from work, as if you’ve been gone for years and not a few hours. Powerful emotions make for vivid, passionate dreams.

Also, dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day, which gives them more time for dreams.

Dogs dreams are probably stronger than cats dreams for that reason. It’s safe to assume that cats dreams are more placid in comparison.

However, cats sleep more than dogs, 12-16 hours a day, so they have more time for dreams. Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, and a cat’s bed is a big deal for them.

What do dogs dreams look like?

What does a dog dream look like? In shades of blue, yellow, and gray, the only colors dogs can see and therefore the only colors they know. They’re not aware of other colors’ existence.

In this way, dogs and cats dreams should be the same. Cats can see the same colors as dogs. The rainbow is a smear in the sky, and the grass and leaves are grayish, not much better in the fall, where we feel like the trees are on fire.

However, cats dreams should be more vivid if they dream they’re in a dark forest. Cats can see in the dark better than dogs.

Dogs dreams are full of sounds and smells because of their acute sense of smell and sharp hearing. Since cats’ hearing is better than dogs, their dreams are possibly more full of sounds.

However, dogs sense of smell is better than cats, so they have more… smelly dreams.

Sleeping in a comfortable place can make a dog more comfortable and therefore help in creating nicer dreams. A dog’s bed is recommended.

What do cats and dogs dream about?

Does anyone know what dogs dream about? No one can know for sure, but it’s safe to assume dogs and cats dream about things that are important to them.

For example: If you went outside, walked past a snail on the sidewalk, and then met someone you’re crazy about, you’re much more likely to dream about this person and not the snail, because the snail doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s not important, but the person you’ve met is.

That’s where dogs and cats dreams take different paths. What do you think dogs dream about? What do dogs mostly dream about? The most important things in their life, their beloved owner. I’ll bet that’s what dogs usually dream about.

A cat can dream about their favorite human, but I bet not as often as dogs do. A cat may like you, even adore you, but the dog makes you its whole world.

Even in a dream, a dog sees its favorite human as the alpha male/femal, while a cat dream about its human as a big loving creature, sometimes a bit dumb and ridiculous, but certainly not the alpha creature, because it’s not in a cat’s nature to see anyone a higher authority. It’s not embedded in their genes through evolution like it is in dogs.

In a dream, a cat wouldn’t try to please its owner. It may climb into your lap and purr its heart out. It may follow you around the house and rub against your leg, all the things cats do in real time, but not obey you.

You get this, all you cats lovers out there? Your furry little friend won’t go out of its way to please you even in its dreams!

A dog, on the other hand, will please and protect its owner even in its dream. It makes sense that especially service dogs dream constantly about helping their owner and obeying them, being needed by them, a part of the family, a family member with responsibilities.

What else do dogs dream about?

Dogs can dream about the stranger who pets them on the street, (like me), places they’ve been, the dog’s park.

Food is very important to dogs. Of course it’s important to every living creatures, but dogs are known as animals who love to eat. Dogs would dream about food more often than cats.

Then again, hungry feral cats probably dream a lot about food, maybe more than a well-fed dog. You know how it is when you’re on a severe diet, and all you can dream about is food?

Dogs may dream about being the alpha doggie on the street. Cats are much less into all this alpha stuff and less likely to dream about it.

Dogs can dream about playing with other dogs, but cats don’t play with other cats as often and are therefore less likely to dream about it. Execpt for very friendly cats or cats who live together with other cats or dogs and play with them often.

A dog is more likely to dream about strangers, but cats are much less likely to dream about meeting strangers, at least not fondly. Cats as a rule don’t like strangers.

Dogs are more likely to dream about other dogs than humans are. Humans usually dream about interacting with other humans. And they can dream about other creatures the’ve met. Maybe a hedgehod they’ve insisted on treating like an omega.

Retrievers are more likely to dream of swimming because of their love for water. Rottweillers are more likely to dream of fighting other dogs, and bloodhounds’ dreams are especially filled with sharp smells due to their highly sensitive sense of smell, and maybe they dream about hunting, even it they’ve never hunted before, just because it’s in their genes.

Cats are more likely to dream about hunting than most dogs, because they’re such excellent hunters. A playful cat is more likely to dream about hunting than a lazy feline. They dream about small prey, such as mice and rats, maybe an occasional bird or a rabbit.

What do puppy dreams look like?

Puppies are more likely to dream about their siblings and mother, the warmth of the mother’s fur, her smell, the sounds of her barking, and the mother’s milk.

What do dogs dream about when the have nightmares?

Why do dogs dream and cry? A nightmare, just like humans. What do dogs dream about when they growl? Dogs dream about things that scared them during the day, like fireworks or thunder storms, aggressive bigger dogs, losing in a dogs fight.

Or something they’re afraid may happen, losing their owner, for instance.

Cats nightmares are probably more filled with noise, because cats seem more afraid of noise than dogs, and since cats are usually easier to scare and jumping at every imagined threat, it’s safe to assume they have much more nightmares than dogs.

Cats can also have nightmares about dogs, because most cats are scared of dogs.

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