How to give your cat a pill

The easiest way to give a cat a pill is to hide it in food. If the vet says it’s OK to crush the pill and put it in food, and most pills are, wait until the cat is hungry, then put a layer of tuna on the bottom of the bowl, crush the pill to dust, and sprinkle it on top of the layer, then add another layer of tuna on top.

You can also crush cats candies, your cat’s favorite, and mix it with the crushed pill.

If the cat won’t eat the crushed pill anyway, wrap it in a towel, put his head in the crook of your arm, and gently pry his mouth open with a small spoon where you’ll put the pill. You’ll have to title his head backward slightly, and then add water with the spoon. Stay with him a while to make sure he doesn’t throw up and spit.

If your cat turns into a tiger at the prospect of a pill, wait until he sleeps, then grab the back of his neck, raise his head gently, and put the spoon in his mouth. Not too deep. You don’t want to choke him.

If none of the methods above work, and you can’t force your feline to swallow the pill, take him to the vet and tell the doctor you can’t make Fluffy take his pill. They have shots today that break down in the body slowly. The vet gave one to my cat, and it worked it magic day by day. I didn’t have to give her a pill at all.

If you feline attacks you ferociously when you try to put him in a cage to go to the vet, get a cage that snaps when he gets inside. If he won’t get in to get the tuna, close the door to the room the cat is in, put the cage in the entrance of the room, and close the door so the cage is trapped between the door and the wall. Then chase the cat until he runs to the cage. This way, you can take your cat to the vet and have him take his pill.

There are mind-reader cats. I had one, and I have another one now. Giving a pill to a mind-reading cat is more difficult. Put the pill and the spoon in your pocket, the cup of water near you. Then force your mind away from your task and think about something else. Think about petting your cat. Imagine your hand sliding along his fur, the silky touch. Don’t think about the pill, and then grab the back of his neck real quick. Works for me. Sometimes.

To make sure your cat doesn’t get out, pick up the cage from underneath, not the handle. You can hold on to the handle as long as you slid one arm under the cage. Cover with a towel, but make sure there’s enough space for air. Darkness calms a cat and sometimes even makes him sleepy.

Discuss the cage with the vet before you put your cat inside. Make sure the cage is strong. Cats can surprise you. They’re a lot like Hoodini. Keep that in mind.

This tunnel bed is the perfect place for cats who like privacy. The darkness calms felines and make them sleepy. Cozy and soft surface in the middle, and several entrances and exists, the feline miniature version of the subway tunnel. To keep Fluffy purring, Click to view.

Beautiful cat house and patio

Cats love hiding and watching the outside scenery. They’re fascinated by grasshoppers and birds. The tiny sounds of insects walking on leaves and flapping of wings and the smells are magnified to their sensitive ears and nostrils. That’s when they’re in their natural habitat. Which is why cat houses and cats patio are the best gift you can give your furry friend.

Many years ago, I had a cat who suffered from depression because I didn’t let him go outside. I was afraid he’d get hit by a car. I wish I could’ve put a cat house or cat patio outside for him, but with my crazy neighbors who hate cats, that wouldn’t work. The cat kept trying desperately to get out, and finally I gave in. He’d been going in and out every day, and nothing happened. But there are dangers out there, and my cat Amiga was hit by a car once, although she’s all right now.

The best thing to do is to build a cat-proof fence around your yard. This way, you cat can roam the yard safely. However, if this isn’t an option, there are other ways to keep your feline friend protected but entertained, seeking adventure and enjoying the outdoors, living the feline dream. Ensuring his safety while enhancing his quality of life. A cat patio or cat house is the perfect solution.

You can put a cat house for your feline, if you have a fence around the yard, or want to put a yard around the cat house. It has that little porch where the cat can sit and watch, and an indoor. Click to learn more.

If you can’t put a fence in the yard and want an enclosed space, this lovely cat patio will keep your feline friend safe while enjoying nature. There’s a ladder, where your cat can climb and watch from a higher ground, which cats love because it makes them feel safe and gives them a good view. Click to learn more.

Six reasons why cats abandon their kittens

Cats are usually good mothers who would give their lives to protect their kittens. Every once in a while, you see small kittens that have been abandoned. There are reasons why cats abandon their babies.

When the kittens are sick

Mother cat doesn’t know about vets or antibiotics. If she sees one of her kittens is sick, she believes they’ll die. Maybe she wants to save her milk and energy for her other kittens, who have a better chance of survival, or maybe she can’t stand to watch her young die. So she abandon her sick kitten as an act of desperation.

If the mother is dead

Sometimes it looks as if the mother has abandoned her kittens, when in fact she was hit by a car or died from sickness. Orphaned kittens have a better chance of survival than abandoned kittens, because the orphans aren’t necessarily sick.

Getting lost

The mother could be displaced after being trapped for spaying. They do that to feral cats sometimes.

Not a motherly cat

Every cat has a different personality. I knew one cat who left her kittens when they were almost as large as she was, and she still visited regularly. She was a very nurturing and motherly cat. Just like she was more nurturing than the average cat, some cats are less nurturing. A mother cat who’s not loving toward her kittens will abandon them. It’s unusual, of course.

The mother isn’t far

Sometimes the mother searches for food and leaves the kittens alone, so it seems as if the kittens are abandoned, but they’re not. If you wait a long time, and the mother isn’t back yet, perhaps that isn’t the case.


Mother cats usually abandon their kittens when they’re old enough to fend for themselves, otherwise, they’ll have dozens of cats following them around and taking their food and their energy, so they really don’t have a choice. They get pregnant twice a year or so and have four kittens each time on average. That’s eight kittens a year. And in a few years… do the math. That’s really too much for anyone.

Complete Kitten care is an excellent guide book on kitten health and care, and introducing a new kitten to an older cat or dog, choosing a kitten, cats breeds, understanding cat communication, grooming, food, and more. Click to learn more.

Video of a feral cat in the park

I found a beautiful, friendly cat in the park, and I just had to take a video of this feral cat. This feline wasn’t camera-shy like so many feral cats. She was nice enough to pose.

The thing about taking feral cats videos is that it’s so easy. They’re everywhere around here, and you run into them every time you leave your house, no matter where you go. These beautiful, magical creatures. You come home from work at night, and suddenly, a pair of yellow pinpoints of light pierce the darkness, cats’ eyes. They’re around all the time, day and night.

Cats drink from the toilet because they like running water, and sometimes they don’t drink enough. This water fountain will encourage your feline to drink water more often and enjoy the experience. Click to view.

Cats and pigeons

Cats have excellent hunting instincts, which is why they chase a shoestring with enthusiasm, and why they play rough sometimes with other cats and even their beloved humans. But these cats live among pigeons without hunting them down.

This could be because they’re used to pigeons, because they pigeons don’t escape when they see them – something that would’ve evoked the feline hunting instincts for sure, or because there are so many pigeons, the cat can’t concentrate on one in particular. The pigeons do fly when the cats start running, but then they’re freaked out by the camera, so they ignore the birds.

However, these two cats didn’t hunt the pigeons. They were surrounded by a bunch of birds, and it didn’t occur to them to attack. They were very polite, as much as cats can be polite, especially feral cats. They usually hunt them ferociously.

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Can feral cats be domesticated

I’ve heard people say feral cats can’t be domesticated, that feral cats can’t be good pets. But from my experience, that depends on the cat’s personality. Each cat has a unique personality, just like people.

I have four feral cats, and some are lap cats, and some aren’t. My brother has a feral cat, and she loves her humans, although she’s a bit grumpy. My sister had feral cats. Feral cats can be great pets, and they’re loving, just like any cat you can buy.

One of my cats, Princessa, won’t let me pet her. She hisses when I try, and I’ve had her for years. But this is unusual. Most cats will get used to their human after a while. Even if the cat won’t let strangers near her, she’ll often let you pet her eventually.

One of my four cats, Chocolate Paws, doesn’t live in the house. He just shows up to eat. I shot a video of him, but he was camera-shy. Here it is.

Cats love sleeping in cats’ beds, especially in cold winter nights. I love watching mine sleep in their beds. It calms them and make them sleepy. Here’s a large, warm, and cozy bed that gives your cat privacy. Click to view.

Feral cat rescue story

This isn’t a typical feral cat rescue story, where the human finds the cat. This is one of these times where it’s the feral cat who finds the human and rescues herself.

Amiga was one of those feral cats, born and raised on the streets, eating from the garbage and the little food she could scrap from cats’ feeders, who struggle to feed so many feral cats, there’s never enough food for everyone.

She was smart enough to leap through the window into my first floor apartment, leaping into my life, leaping into a better life. This feral cat now eats the best food and gets veterinary care. Also, she gets lots of love and affection from me, something she craves constantly.

The brown cat is Amiga, and the black cat is Princessa.

Amiga loves to play, but Princessa doesn’t always like it. Amiga and Princessa both arrived pretty much at the same time, smelling the cats’ food I left out for my first cat, Hazelnut. So I guess you can call it a double rescue story.

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Feline humor at the workplace

Don’t you just love your job? My cat chases her own tail for hours, a professional tail chaser. Kinda difficult to work when you sleep sixteen hours a day. How about a few cats jokes.

Looking at the clock five minutes before end of shift.

What you mean, I have to work double shift?

Your boss when you’re late for work.

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Orange cat in a yard

There are so many brown striped feral cats around here. Less black and white ones. Orange cats are the minority. I just had to take this video.

I was taking a walk in the neighborhood, because I love watching trees and bushes go backwards as I walk forward, the scenery changes. I see cats everywhere. If there’s a cat under a car, I’ll see it. And there was this orange cat, really cute.

Is it a cat or a kitten? Cats have their babies in fall and spring. Especially I see them in the fall. This one seems to be a teenager.

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