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What kind of toys do cats like?

Most of us work out of the house and leave our cats alone at home. Cats need stimulation and exercise. Many cats owners want to know what type of toys do cats and kittens like to play with, what kind of toys do senior and Persian cats like, and what kind of toys do cats need to get the exercise required to keep from obesity and maintain a healthy life style.

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What kind of toys do cats love the best?

What kind of toys do cats like the most? Here’s the list.

Cats love the smell of catnip. Catnip affects cats in many ways.

Toys that run bring out the hunter in your cat, applying to its evolutionary instincts. Especially toys that mimic prey movements. Cats also like toys that squeake, imitating the sound of prey.

What kind of toys do kittens like?

Besides the toys that grown cats like, kittens may like soft, purring toys they can cuddle with, because it reminds them of their mother’s fur.

Kittens also like small items that fit into their mouth. They love carrying things around.

And there are teething toys.

Kittens love to play even more than grown cats, and they’re often hyper. A moving toy will get them into a frenzy.

What kind of toys do cats need?

Cats need running toys they can chase to keep active, and scratching posts that’ll protect your sofa and other furniture.

What kind of toys do senior cats and Persian cats like?

Persian cats and senior cats like to take it easy. Each Persian and senior cat has a different personalit, so the question is: how laid back is your Persian/senior cat?

If it’s so relaxed, in the case of a Persian, or so tired, in the case of a senior cat, that they won’t run and pounce no matter what, then maybe they need a soft toy to cuddle with, or a tunnel bed to hide in.

But if your Persian/senior cat is willing to play a bit, but it’s hard to get it to play, perhaps it needs an automatic toy that runs, because it’s difficult to get it to pounce.

What kind of toys do bengal and Siamese cats like?

Bengal and Siamese cats are energetic and playful, so a toy that can be moved when pawed or an automatic toy that runs on its own will get them running and pouncing, happy and excited in no time.

Also, bengal and Siamese cats are affectionate, especially Siamese, so a toy held by their favorite human for them to paw is great because it gives them the opportunity to bond with their owners, play together.

These 3 mice are filled with catnip that’ll put your furry little friend in feline heaven. The right size to be carried in a cat’s mouse. Soft with dangling tail, like real prey. The perfect present for your cat.


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