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Why do cats get hit by cars

It seems strange that cats get hit by cars. They’re intelligent, fast, and have sharp instincts. So why do cats get hit by cars? Where I live, there are so many feral cats, and every once in a while, there’s a dead feline body on the road. Why do cats get hit by cars so often?

Cats don’t teach their kittens to cross the road safely Mother cats may teach their young to hunt, but they neglect the road safety tips. Kittens see their mother hissing when encountering a dog or showing caution when approached by an unknown human, but they don’t see their mother looking right and left before crossing the road.

No evolutionary need One of the reasons cats get hit by cars, although feral cats avoid being hurt by dogs and human with bad intentions, is that in the wild, cats had to be wary of larger predators, but they had no need to fear cars. The fear of larger predators is embed in felines. It’s in their blood, their nature. But they don’t know what a road is, what cars are, so they lack the instinct to avoid the road. They don’t realize cars can turn into death traps. For them, a car is something warm to nap on in cold winter days.

Where I live, you can always see felines napping on cars.

Why do cats get hit by cars more often than dogs?

Dogs don’t run around unsupervised as often as feral cats, and dogs are usually larger and can be seen more easily by drivers. Also, cats are more likely to run into the road than dogs if they’re spooked.

Why do cats run in front of cars? Cats get scared easily. When felines hear a loud noise, or when they’re being approached by a dog or a human stranger, they bolt. And they can bolt right into traffic.

The good news are that cats can hear approaching cars, and being scared of noise, they usually rush to the sidewalk. However, a car that drives slowly doesn’t make that much noise, and the sound can be muffled by other noises of a busy street. This is why cats get hit by cars despite their excellent hearing.

Age Senior cats’ hearing my not be as good as a younger cat’s, and their instincts not as sharp. This is why senior cats can get hit by cars.

Habit Cats are afraid of noise, so they often hang around in yards or quiet side streets, whose roads don’t have too many cars, and the speed limit is slow. But feral cats or house cats who live near the highway or busy streets get used to the constant noise. They’re not as afraid of the sound of wheels on asphalt. It becomes something in the background.

Hard to see One of the reasons cats get hit by cars is because they’re small, and the drivers don’t always see them. This is why cats get hit by cars at night more than during the daytime.

Feline speed The cat’s legendary quickness, an evolutionary trait that had kept the species alive in the wild, can turn into a death sentence in urban settings. The cat leaps into the road unexpectedly, with the speed of a tornado, and the human driver, who doesn’t possess the feline speed and sharp instincts, doesn’t have time to pull on the brakes.

If you live in a home and have your own yard, putting up a cat’s proof fence will keep your furry friend entertained and free while safe from cars.

What percentage of cats get hit by cars each year?

According to 5.4 million cats get hit by cars every year in the US!

If you can’t keep your cat indoors, a glowing collar will make them more visible to drivers at night. If your feline is the kind of cat that wouldn’t take it off. Rechargeable, no batteries needed. You can make it glow steadily, flash quickly, or turn off by using a button. Adjustable for pet’s size. Can be used on small dogs. Color of choice; red, green, and blue. Will make your cat look gorgeous and colorful with a color that matches their eyes. Click to learn more


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