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A unique color for a cat

Here’s a video of a rather unusual cat that didn’t want to pose for the camera. It’s difficult to shot a clip of an uncooperative cat. It has a color I can’t describe.

There are a million feral cats around here. You see them wherever you go, jumping out of garbage cans, hanging in backyards. I took four home, and I’ve taken a few sick cats to the vet. But I can’t take them all home.

There are cats’ feeders here, who give food to the strays in parks, yards, and sometimes in the streets. Some people give them a hard time, because some people see these cats as pests. But they’re hungry, and they didn’t ask to be feral cats. Shelters are full.

Check out this doughnut-shaped cats’ bed, self warming and cozy, in different colors. It has a unique appearance. Click to view.

To view heated, cave-shaped, and hilarious cats beds, click to to watch the best pets beds online.


2 thoughts on “A unique color for a cat

    1. You seem to know a lot about cats. Even I didn’t know that, and I’ve been around cats all my life. Although I know a cat with three colors is a female. A cab driver once told me he knows my cat is a boy because he had a demanding mew. When I took my cat to the vet. A neighbor once told me he knows my cat is a boy because he walks like he owns the yard. As for me, I can’t tell most of the time.
      I did have a maniac cat, more men-eating tiger than cat. Had him fourteen and a half years.


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