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Cat won’t eat if bottom of bowl visible

Why do cats never finish their food? Some cats refuse to eat if they can see the bottom of the bowl. This can be a source of frustration for cats’ owners, who have to fill the bowl many times a day. But there are reasons to this kind of behavior. Why won’t cats eat if the bottom of the food bowl is visible?

This you food bowl, human? I licked it clean for you so you don’t have to wash it. Always the considerate one. The caviar was good by the way. Allow me to compliment you on your good taste.

Next time, leave my bowl full so I don’t has to take your food.


When the food is low, your cat must lower her head to get to the food, which causes her whiskers to rub against the sides of the bowl. This can be irritating for cats because of the sensation and the sight scraping sound a whisker can make as it rubs against the stainless steel.

These whiskers weren’t made to rub against stainless steel, human. I’m proud of me whiskers. When the other cats measure their whiskers, I always win. Girl cats eye me as I slither down the street, and male cats look with jealousy. Once someone yells at me, “Hey, you, where you got these whiskers?”

Me got the largest whiskers in town, so large I can hardly get out the window, and I’m whiskers sensitive. Now hop back in the kitchen and fill me food bowl.

Getting stuck

A cat may be afraid its head can get stuck in the food bowl, if the food bowl is long and narrow. When the food is low, the cat has to dig her head in deeper, which is why the cat may refuse to eat if the food bowl isn’t full, out of fear, whether it’s a justified fear or not.

Food shortage

when there isn’t enough food, you don’t want to finish everything on your plate. You might want to keep some for later. Cats may refuse to eat if the bottom of the food bowl if visible for that reasons. If the amount of food in the bowl is low, that can mean there isn’t enough food.

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5 thoughts on “Cat won’t eat if bottom of bowl visible

  1. this is very true. My mom’s cat would pick at her food, canned, and eat only what was at the'”top”
    of the “pile”. I gave her a plate and told her to try it, and now dai$y eats every last bit of it, no more
    wasted food and a happy girl ) ♥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A flat plate is an excellent idea. No more irritated whiskers. No nose stuck in a can.
      Also, sometimes those cans have sharp edges inside that can hurt the cat’s mouth. That’s why people buy food bowls. Cats aren’t supposed to eat straight from cans.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My Hazelnut likes to put her toy mouse in the bowl and eat around it, or she puts it in, gets it out, and then eats. Cats can have weird eating habits sometimes.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. lol. Thomas, when he was a kitten, would put my mother’s beanie babies all around his bowl to eat. It was like he had all his siblings with him. It was funny. Mother had Alzheimer’s, so she’d see them and take them back and all day, they’d go back and forth. It kept them busy.

        Liked by 2 people

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