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Cats gangsters

This is Frightening Fluffy, the worse feline gangster of all times. This picture was taken before he lost his whiskers in a territorial dispute over a garbage can.

I mistook the Christmas elves for mice and treated them accordingly.

Sue me.

He may pretend to be sweet and innocent, but don’t let his looks fool you. This is what this gangster cat is capable of.

This is his last victim. An innocent victim of feline gang violence.

Dija bring my catnip, Rexie?

Well, um, about that. I was kinda hungry, and, I don’t know how, but the catnip started looking like a biscuit…

Poor Rexie didn’t know it was his last day on earth.

This is Velvety The Kitten, a tough cat gangster feared by the general population of dogs and cats alike. You won’t believe what he does in his spare time.

I playz the guitar.

No, hooman, no cry.

The police has not control over the illegal smuggling of catnip by gangster cats. Don’t touch that stuff!!

Warning: Causes hallucinations. Such as this.

Careful. He’s watching you, planning his next move.

Officer O’Whisker is concerned about the growing number of kittens joining a feline gang that calls itself ‘The Fluffballs.’ He warns people to watch for signs of your kitten doing just this, a common practice among gangster wannabe kittens. “Next thing you know, they’ll jump on humans from the bushes and make them drop their groceries,” Officer O’Whisker warns.

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