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What do cats dream about

Do cats dream? Yes. You see their fur rippling while they take their kitty nap, their paws twitching. Sometimes they make sucking noises while sleeping. Sometimes they whimper. All these are an indication that cats do dream.

What do cats dream about? Like humans, cats dream about what had happened during the day, like a slideshow, and what’s on their mind. Cats can dream about their goal in life, like catching the elusive red dot or the mouse of their dreams, a huge, juicy, crispy mouse. They can dream about the hiding, waiting for prey, the hunt. The wild instincts of their ancestors can influence their dreams.

Can cats have nightmares? Of course. If you cat cries in his sleep, he’s having a disturbing feline dream. Maybe he’s chased by dogs in his sleep, or maybe the mouse he was chasing suddenly turned huge and turned on him. (The dreams of a guilty conscious?) Or maybe the neighborhood cat that he’d been fighting with had decided to teach him a lesson. Maybe the parrots in the cage had gotten out and had gotten poor Fluffy.

Once, the cat I used to have was crying in his sleep, and I called his name to stop the nightmare, but he didn’t wake up, so I shook him gently. He leapt at my hand, and I snatched it away at the last minute before his teeth clicked. He must’ve been dreaming of some kind of enemy, something threatening. He was having a feline nightmare.

Felines dreams are different than humans dreams. Cats dream without words, because they don’t use them or know their meaning. Their dreams may have talking humans, but our words are meaningless sounds in their dreams, and in reality. Unless there’s a word or two your cat can understand.

Cats have a sharp sense of smell, and different odors are important to them. You can tell by the way they sniff everything. Their dreams are probably full of scents.

Do cats know it’s a dream? Humans sometimes know it’s a dream when they’re having one, but cats are more childish than a grown human. Remember when you were a little kid, and you were dreaming? Like small children, cats usually aren’t aware of the fact that they’re dreaming. Until they wake up. Then they know it was a dream, because they’d have dreams before. Their dreams are probably more vivid than ours.

We can’t really know for sure what cats dream about because they won’t tell us. But to make an educated guess, felines dream about things that are important to them. Cats can dream about pleasant things like being cuddled and petted, their precious territory being invaded, or playing with their toys. Or maybe they dream about cats’ land. This is what it might look like.

Who do cats dream about? Like humans, cats dream about creatures they know, usually in familiar surroundings. A house cat who’s not allowed outside will probably dream about his house, his favorite spot. Do cats dream about humans? Perhaps a cat will dream about his beloved human servant, his human family, the dog next door that doesn’t stop barking.

What do house cats dream of? Like humans, cats don’t always dream about places and creatures they know, although that is often the case. Sometimes felines may dream about places they’d never been and creatures they’d never seen. A house cat who never gets out doesn’t know what the outside looks like. He’ll dream about the outside the way he imagines it to be.

What do dominant cats dream about? The feline personality might have something to do with what your feline dreams about. My toughest cat was the one who had nightmares, maybe because his mind was filled with violence like a horror movie. What your cat thinks about during the day is what your cat dreams about during the night, and what someone thinks about has a lot to do with his personality. A cuddly cat might dream about being on your lap. A tough, gangster-type cat might think about dominating the planet.

And, in their dreams, all cats can be super heroes.

Conclusion: Cats can dream, and they do. You can probably tell if your cat is having a good dream or a bad one by their body language. If you’re going to wake Fluffy up from a nightmare, do it carefully. Approach with caution.

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