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What do dogs dream about?

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Do dogs really have dreams?

If you ever watched your dog whine or twitch in its sleep, you know canines dream.

Why do dogs dream a lot?

Like humans, dog often dream about things that have happened during the day. Being emotional creatures, they have a lot of important stuff to dream about. Dogs have this ability for happiness and excetiment. They bark happily and run toward the door when their owner take them for a walk, as excited as humans walking on another planet for the first time. They almost knock you over with enthusiasm when you come home from work, as if you’ve been gone for years and not a few hours. Powerful emotions make for vivid, passionate dreams.

Also, dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day, which gives them more time for dreams.

Dogs dreams are probably stronger than cats dreams for that reason. It’s safe to assume that cats dreams are more placid in comparison.

However, cats sleep more than dogs, 12-16 hours a day, so they have more time for dreams. Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, and a cat’s bed is a big deal for them.

What do dogs dreams look like?

What does a dog dream look like? In shades of blue, yellow, and gray, the only colors dogs can see and therefore the only colors they know. They’re not aware of other colors’ existence.

In this way, dogs and cats dreams should be the same. Cats can see the same colors as dogs. The rainbow is a smear in the sky, and the grass and leaves are grayish, not much better in the fall, where we feel like the trees are on fire.

However, cats dreams should be more vivid if they dream they’re in a dark forest. Cats can see in the dark better than dogs.

Dogs dreams are full of sounds and smells because of their acute sense of smell and sharp hearing. Since cats’ hearing is better than dogs, their dreams are possibly more full of sounds.

However, dogs sense of smell is better than cats, so they have more… smelly dreams.

Sleeping in a comfortable place can make a dog more comfortable and therefore help in creating nicer dreams. A dog’s bed is recommended.

What do cats and dogs dream about?

Does anyone know what dogs dream about? No one can know for sure, but it’s safe to assume dogs and cats dream about things that are important to them.

For example: If you went outside, walked past a snail on the sidewalk, and then met someone you’re crazy about, you’re much more likely to dream about this person and not the snail, because the snail doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s not important, but the person you’ve met is.

That’s where dogs and cats dreams take different paths. What do you think dogs dream about? What do dogs mostly dream about? The most important things in their life, their beloved owner. I’ll bet that’s what dogs usually dream about.

A cat can dream about their favorite human, but I bet not as often as dogs do. A cat may like you, even adore you, but the dog makes you its whole world.

Even in a dream, a dog sees its favorite human as the alpha male/femal, while a cat dream about its human as a big loving creature, sometimes a bit dumb and ridiculous, but certainly not the alpha creature, because it’s not in a cat’s nature to see anyone a higher authority. It’s not embedded in their genes through evolution like it is in dogs.

In a dream, a cat wouldn’t try to please its owner. It may climb into your lap and purr its heart out. It may follow you around the house and rub against your leg, all the things cats do in real time, but not obey you.

You get this, all you cats lovers out there? Your furry little friend won’t go out of its way to please you even in its dreams!

A dog, on the other hand, will please and protect its owner even in its dream. It makes sense that especially service dogs dream constantly about helping their owner and obeying them, being needed by them, a part of the family, a family member with responsibilities.

What else do dogs dream about?

Dogs can dream about the stranger who pets them on the street, (like me), places they’ve been, the dog’s park.

Food is very important to dogs. Of course it’s important to every living creatures, but dogs are known as animals who love to eat. Dogs would dream about food more often than cats.

Then again, hungry feral cats probably dream a lot about food, maybe more than a well-fed dog. You know how it is when you’re on a severe diet, and all you can dream about is food?

Dogs may dream about being the alpha doggie on the street. Cats are much less into all this alpha stuff and less likely to dream about it.

Dogs can dream about playing with other dogs, but cats don’t play with other cats as often and are therefore less likely to dream about it. Execpt for very friendly cats or cats who live together with other cats or dogs and play with them often.

A dog is more likely to dream about strangers, but cats are much less likely to dream about meeting strangers, at least not fondly. Cats as a rule don’t like strangers.

Dogs are more likely to dream about other dogs than humans are. Humans usually dream about interacting with other humans. And they can dream about other creatures the’ve met. Maybe a hedgehod they’ve insisted on treating like an omega.

Retrievers are more likely to dream of swimming because of their love for water. Rottweillers are more likely to dream of fighting other dogs, and bloodhounds’ dreams are especially filled with sharp smells due to their highly sensitive sense of smell, and maybe they dream about hunting, even it they’ve never hunted before, just because it’s in their genes.

Cats are more likely to dream about hunting than most dogs, because they’re such excellent hunters. A playful cat is more likely to dream about hunting than a lazy feline. They dream about small prey, such as mice and rats, maybe an occasional bird or a rabbit.

What do puppy dreams look like?

Puppies are more likely to dream about their siblings and mother, the warmth of the mother’s fur, her smell, the sounds of her barking, and the mother’s milk.

What do dogs dream about when the have nightmares?

Why do dogs dream and cry? A nightmare, just like humans. What do dogs dream about when they growl? Dogs dream about things that scared them during the day, like fireworks or thunder storms, aggressive bigger dogs, losing in a dogs fight.

Or something they’re afraid may happen, losing their owner, for instance.

Cats nightmares are probably more filled with noise, because cats seem more afraid of noise than dogs, and since cats are usually easier to scare and jumping at every imagined threat, it’s safe to assume they have much more nightmares than dogs.

Cats can also have nightmares about dogs, because most cats are scared of dogs.

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