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Do cats make friends with other cats

Can cats become friends with other cats in the neighborhood?

Are cats friends with each other? I’ve seen feral cats hanging together, but it’s rather rare. Mostly, stray cats can be seen roaming the streets on their own. Do cats make friends with neighbors cats? Sure they can, and sometimes they do, but that depends on the circumstances.

Age and gender

Can cats make friends with other cats? Sure, but that depends on the situation. A grown cat is more likely to friend a kitten than another grown cat. Two kittens raised together are more likely to make friends with each other than two grown cats. A neutered female cat is more likely to make friends with a male cat.


Can my cat be friends with other cats? Some cats, maybe.

Ever heard the term ‘opposite attract?’ It often doesn’t apply to cats (and I doubt it applies to humans). I had two cats. One was a huge, tough cat who loved to play rough, and the other was a princess of a cat, very delicate, who couldn’t stand roughhousing. Needless to say, they didn’t get along very well.

Do cats like playing with other cats? Two cats who are playful will have fun together. Two cats who are gentle will feel safe around each other. Can cats make friends with other cats who have a different personality? That can happen. My two cats did like each other. But it’s more likely for cats to from friendships with cats who are more like them.


Some circumstances ruin any chance of cats being friends. Jealousy, for instance. My cat, Angel, was a very jealous cat and very possessive of me. He turned on my other cat when I petted her.

My Hazelnut was the first cat, and when Amiga and Princessa got in, she saw them as intruders. She had hissed at them and had tried driving them out, which didn’t work. But they learned to hate her because of the way she’d treated them. Disputes over territory can make cats hate each other, and there’s no chance of forming friendships this way.

Do cats become friends with other cats in a colony?

Just because a colony of cats hang together in the same yard doesn’t mean they’re friends with each other. They’re just together because there’s food in the area. They’re together out of convenience. They don’t hunt together or hang around each other, except for mealtimes.

Of course, two cats from the same colony can make friends with each other. But a colony of cats isn’t like a pack of wolves. They don’t share their food or do things together, and they don’t have an alpha or any social structure. Mostly, they ignore each other. They don’t play together, and one cat doesn’t let another cat get too close, or she’ll hiss.

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13 thoughts on “Do cats make friends with other cats

  1. I think they can. I had nine cats at one time and they lived together in harmony. Mostly rescued and re homed as kittens. My first cat of the nine was an adult when he came to live with me and he always maintained his seniority- but in a kindly way. They slept together on a large dog duvet curled around each other.


  2. Hi. My cats have all arrived at my home at different times and managed to make friends with one another once they realized the newcomer was here to stay and the dogs had accepted him/her into the pack. The cats will not tolerate any feral or neighbour’s cat coming onto our property though!


    1. Lucky cats. They had other cats friends AND dogs. Never lonely or bored while you weren’t at home.


  3. When our chosen kitten’s mother became seriously ill, Pepper was only just six weeks old – but the mother’s distressed owner asked if we could take the kitten early.
    Our existing cat, male, neutered, was 15, and feeling his age.. He looked uncannily like the new kitten’s mother.. Having cried all the way home, she rushed to him in relief. Jess spat and swore, then looked at the tiny kitten again – and flipped at once, parenting her, loving her, absolutely devoted.
    When he died ( peacefully, at home two years later, she licked his body, stayed with him, like a mourner.


    1. I love this.

      Even a male cat can be parental and protective toward a motherless kitten. I’ve heard from other cats’ owners.


  4. dude was an “only” cat and would not, sadly, as I always wanted him to have a friend to chillax with
    while I was at work, accept ANY cat, anywhere near him. he would go into “attack” mode if he saw a
    cat passing by ~~~~~~~~~~~


  5. They can also unfriend one another. We had Chloe first, then brought in Thomas, a kitten. They got along and rough housed famously, even though she was an older cat. Then we found Abby, a kitten when Thomas was still a kitten though older and Chloe was relegated to the back. Abby being a kitten had more energy and Thomas and her would run all over the place and toss each other around, bouncing off the furniture in hyper-speed. Chloe hated Abby and she let Abby know it, so of course Abby stayed clear of her. When the two kittens became adult, Thomas and Abby no longer got along. All the cats pretty much stayed in their respective corners, away from each other. We don’t know the why. Occasionally Thomas and Abby would do a chase, but not like before. All were fixed. My sister Diana took Abby and Thomas thinking that might change. It never did.


    1. My Angel and Milky (both long dead by now) had liked each other at first. Then Angel got jealous and attacked Milky, and I separated them by glass doors. And they stood and looked at each other all day, with Angel crying like he’s lost his best friend. I let them be together the next day, and Angel was much gentler with her.

      But with your cats, there’s not reason why Thomas and Abby stopped being friends when they became grownups. There may be a reason the cats know, but we don’t.

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