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Feral cat rescue story

This isn’t a typical feral cat rescue story, where the human finds the cat. This is one of these times where it’s the feral cat who finds the human and rescues herself.

Amiga was one of those feral cats, born and raised on the streets, eating from the garbage and the little food she could scrap from cats’ feeders, who struggle to feed so many feral cats, there’s never enough food for everyone.

She was smart enough to leap through the window into my first floor apartment, leaping into my life, leaping into a better life. This feral cat now eats the best food and gets veterinary care. Also, she gets lots of love and affection from me, something she craves constantly.

The brown cat is Amiga, and the black cat is Princessa. Two feral cats who’d rescued themselves.

Amiga loves to play, but Princessa doesn’t always like it. Amiga and Princessa both arrived pretty much at the same time, smelling the cats’ food I left out for my first cat, Hazelnut. So I guess you can call it a double rescue story.

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