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How many cats are too many?

How many cats is too many in a house or an apartment? How many cats should one person have? I’ll try answering these questions in this post.

People disagree on the question of how many cats are too many for a house. For some people, two cats are too many, and for some, twenty cats aren’t too many. I don’t think there’s any limit for how many cats one can have, but then I’m a crazy cats lady. I know a lady who feeds dozens of feral cats and have over ten living in her house, and she doesn’t think she has too many cats. But it all depends on the situation. For instance.

Space How many cats are too many for a small apartment? If you live in a tiny one-room apartment, with barely enough space for the bed and a dining table, you might want to limit the number of cats you have, especially if they can’t go outside. Cats needs space to run, climb, and leap without bumping head to head with other cats.

Money Cats’ food, vets visits for vaccination, worms, and emergencies, drops for fleas that you drip on the back of the cat’s neck, all cost money. And these are just the necessities. You might want to buy toys, beds, scratch posts, and cats’ trees and condos for your furry friends. Although several cats can share the same condo, tree, or toy, they can’t share the same bed, not at the same time, anyway.

Clingy cats Having a cat who likes sitting on your lap for hours and hours is equal to having several independent cats. I had a cat who wouldn’t leave my lap for the world. He practically lived in my lap, all day long. His name was Angel, and he died at the ripe old age of sixteen and a half, not bad for a feline. Having even two Angels would’ve been like having too many cats, in my opinion.

Jealousy My Angel was very possessive and jealous, pushing the other cat whenever she’d tried snuggling close to me. Sometimes I’d felt that the couple of felines I had were too many cats already, just because of the jealousy.

Getting along I now have three feral cats living in my house, and the forth one leaps in the window just to eat. They all hate one another because the first cat sees the others as invaders, and she lets them know it, which causes them to hate her. Also, each and every one of the cats thinks she’s the boss and the owner of the house, and they block each other way when one tries going in through the window. If your cat doesn’t get along with other cats, if he or she is territorial, your house might turn into a battlefield.

So, whether or not two or three felines are too many cats, or whether ten isn’t enough, it really depends on the situation and the personality of the cats involved. Don’t let others tell you how to live your life, or how many cats you’re allowed to have. Remember, we humans only go around once, so we should do what we want with the one time we’ve been given, not what others think we should do.

If you don’t have the space or resources to get a cat, show the world you love cats by installing a Cat-shaped lamp in your house. It may not be the real thing, but is practical in a rented apartment where the landlord doesn’t allow cats, for instance.


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