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How to help feral cats

There are many ways to help feral cats. Where I live, there are about a million of free roaming stray cats, colonies and colonies of them, most are not spayed, and shelters are full. Trapping them is difficult, and there are just too many of them. However, these cats survive in the warm winters. Here’s what you can do to help. There are many stray free roaming cats in Israel.

Take sick and wounded cats to the vet I’ve done that. Here, you have to pay half the price for a feral cat. If you plan on trapping a feral cat, do it carefully. Sometimes you can put food in a cage and then close it. I had simply grabbed a few cats by the back of the neck and hauled them into the cage, but you can get scratched this way. From experience.

Adopt a feral cat I’ve adopted four stray cats, and feral cats can be domesticated, and they can be good pets. They can be affectionate. My Amiga won’t get off my lap, although she’d lived on the streets for years before I got her. And she was born on the street. I urge everyone to adopt a feral cat.

Neutering If you don’t want to adopt, or can’t, you can take healthy stray cats to the vet to be spayed. When I took sick and wounded cats to the vet, they spayed them without extra charge. Although I don’t know what’s going on in other places. That’s what they do around here.

If feral cats continue to have kittens, there will be more mouths to feed, and more cats living on the streets without vet treatments when needed. They may be hungry all their lives, or they may suffer horribly from disease and die.

Leave a pillow or blanket outside There’s a feral cat living in the yard surrounding my building who sleeps on blankets someone left for him. It helps, especially in the winter. Or you can leave a cardboard box outside. Cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes.

Become a cats feeder There are several people I know around here who feed stray cats in their yards, or in the parks. They leave them dry cats food and water.

Unfortunately, people often give cats feeders a hard time. Many people object to feeding feral cats.

I’ve taken four motherless kittens to the vet, but they didn’t survive. There was another stray kitten bitten by fleas so badly, she’d developed anemia. The vet kept her for the night, but she died before morning. And there was another kitten with an infection who also didn’t survive. A cat with FIV and pneumonia who died although I gave him antibiotics.

And there were success stories! A three colored cat with a bleeding eye that the vet had managed to save her eye! At first he’d said chances are slim, but it worked. I had put her back in the alley near the pets store, where they leave her food and water, and her eye looked perfectly normal.

And there was this kitten who was slightly dehydrated and had a cold. I kept her in my house and nursed her to health, but I had to put her back on the streets, sadly. I didn’t have enough money to care for her back then. I was struggling. And there are just too many feral cats, and you can’t take them all.

Are there feral cats in your neighborhood? Or other feral animals? What kind of stray animals live where you are? And where is it? And what’s been done about it? Please tell your story in the comments. Did you ever take a feral cat or another animal to your house, or to the vet? Do you feed feral animals? I know a woman who feeds both cats and hedgehogs, although there are hardly any hedgehogs around here.

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