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Can cats tell human babies from grownups

Yes! Cats can tell the difference between human babies and adults. How can you tell?

Cats are scared of babies

I used to work in a household with a cat who didn’t make too much of a fuss whenever a stranger showed up on the doorstep, but once a woman had brought her toddler, and the cat had leapt on the dresser and stared at the toddler with huge, scared eyes. Cats realize babies are likely to play rough or pull their tails. They must realize toddlers and babies don’t have the common sense adults do.

Cats know what kittens are

Since cats can tell the difference between kittens and grown cats, cats should be able to tell the difference between human babies and adults. And cats are much more tolerant toward kittens than they are toward grown cats. You see grown feral cats fighting all the time, but I haven’t seen an adult cat attacking a very young kitten. And cats adopt orphaned kittens and other orphaned cubs, so they must know they’re helpless and they’re babies. They don’t adopt grown cats.

Can cats tell the difference between human adults and babies

Similarity between cubs of all species

Pups and kittens and human babies are all small, playful, a bit hyper, easily excited, and have a tiny voice. Watch the way human babies sway when they first learn to walk. This is the way young kittens who’d just learned to walk stumble. Pups tend to bite playfully, kittens scratch, and human babies pull hair and cats’ tails. I’ve once seen a kitten leap on two and clap his paws on both sides of his mother’s face. Cats can tell the difference between adult humans and babies humans because toddlers act in the same curious, playful way kittens do.

Also, human babies sound like kitten when the cry, and I’m sure it’s not lost on the cat. They’re much smarter than we give them credit for.

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4 thoughts on “Can cats tell human babies from grownups

    1. So have I. Neighbors who bang in the middle of the night, for instance. If they’re awake, they have to wake me, too, like a baby who wakes the grownups whenever he doesn’t sleep.


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