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How to build a cat-friendly garden

Building a cat-friendly garden is very important to felines. Cats don’t go to work, or even for a walk around the block. The only outdoor place they know is the yard and the backyard surrounding the house. This is their world. Here are a few ideas on how to build a cat-friendly garden.

How to build a cat friendly garden


A cats-proof fence will keep your cat from running away, and is a must in a cat-friendly garden.

Make sure there are no pesticide or broken glass in the yard.

Cats love to climb and jump. It’s safer if they don’t land on hard concrete. Sand is safer for a lighter landing.

Avoid plants that are toxic to cats. You can find the list of dangerous plants on petmd article here.

hiding places

Cats love to hide. It makes them feel safe. Plants, bushes, and tall grass are heaven for cats.

Climbing opportunities

Cats love climbing. It gives them a good vintage point and makes them feel safe. Plant a tree or get a cat tree in your yard. You cat will thank you. Some cats cats can sit for hours, just watching the fascinating adventures taking place on the ground, like a turtle or a hedgehog walking by. Such colorful, unique characters! such exciting encounters!

Photo by Garrett McArdle on Unsplash


How can you create a more cat friendly garden without the feline favorite plant?


Plants are nice, but in order to create a cat-friendly garden, don’t plant so many bushes and trees to block the sun completely. Cats love basking in the sunshine. Take this into consideration when creating the cat-friendly garden. Leave them spots where they can doze in patches of warm, golden sunlight. Preferably elevated. Or should I say prrreferably.


Leave your cats toys to play with in the yard. Cats are natural hunters, and they love the chase. A small ball or mouse-shaped toy will do.


Give your cats places to snooze. Cats love to doze off on occasions. A cats bed, or a cardboard box with blankets at the bottom.

Water source

A fountain or bowl of water will add to a cat-friendly yard. Cats usually prefer fresh water and will like the fountain better.


The best way to creature a cats-friendly garden is by hiding cats treats everywhere, letting the cats search for them. It’ll make them associate the yard with a positive and enjoyable experience, and it’ll give them a chance to get to know the hiding spots and walk around every inch of the yard.

protection from the elements

A place to hide from the rain. Cats hate water. A cats house will be great. That or a makeup tent or shade stuck in the sand.

Sprinkles will keep your yard cool in the summer, plus patio misters. Plenty of shaded areas to protect against the hot sun.

Blankets and rugs on the ground for protection against the cold.

This beautiful water fountain will encourage your cat to drink by providing fresh water, which cats prefer to a water bowl. Beautiful spring colors that’ll brighten up your yard and keep you cat happy and loving the garden. To read excellent customers reviews and watch videos of drinking cats, click here.


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